Pin Your Biz: 6 Ways to Use Pinterest for eCommerce

In the world of eCommerce, the proper use of social media to drive sales may be one of the most important factors in making or breaking your business. With the incredible growth of Pinterest, and the sites high click to sale conversion rate compared to other forms of social media, it’s the place to be. There are a multitude of ways you can use Pinterest for eCommerce. Here’s a taste, just to get you started.

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6 Ways to Use Pinterest for eCommerce

1. Visibility – Every time one of your products gets pinned, it is seen by everyone who subscribes to their boards, and if some of those people repin in… it can go on and on indefinitely. This increases your visibility dramatically.

2. Branding – Everything from the names you choose for your boards to the things you pin to them will aid in branding your business, so choose carefully. With some creativity and a good eye, you can create an easy to recognize brand that people will associate with the style and traits that appeal to your target market.

3. Cross pollinating with linkbacks – All of your social media accounts, blogs, and websites should lead to one another. Make sure to use that Pin It button liberally! It goes without saying that while all of these sites need to lead to each other, they also should all lead directly and clearly to the place where you will be making a sale.

4. Building alliances – Pinterest is a great place to form alliances with other businesses for cross promotion. Be sure to pin products you genuinely like, and leave comments so you can connect with the people selling them. The more often you do this, the more likely it is that some of them will also start pinning your products.

5. Creating rapport – Don’t focus on hard sells or spamming. This never works, and it is a sure way to make sure that no one likes or trusts you. Instead, focus on creating rapport with your potential customers. Subscribe to their boards, leave comments, share useful content. If you do this well, the products will sell themselves.

6. Get to know your target market – This is tied in to creating rapport. Don’t make it all about you and what you are selling. Take a genuine interest in what they are pinning. Ask for feedback if you feel comfortable doing so. Don’t just give a passing glance to see what content of yours they are repinning, really look at their boards. This will give you a much better big picture of who they are and what they find appealing. You may find that as you adjust to accommodate their tastes, your sales shoot up.

By combining these six marketing techniques for using Pinterest for eCommerce your business will have several advantages. You can establish your brand, add a personal factor that increases trust and familiarity, increase your visibility, and drive sales. You’ll also benefit considerably from the insight you gain into your target market. Pin your Biz and watch it grow.