Drive Traffic with Buttons and Widgets

When using Pinterest there are a wide range of different ways to promote your business. Fortunately, Pinterest has provided it’s users with a lot of different tools to start getting people interested in their profile. Using the simple tips below and the codes provided by Pinterest, anyone can start to drive more traffic to their business, and to their boards.

Pin It Button
The Pin It button is extremely powerful because of the fact that you can place it on your site and allow people to instantly pin your content to their boards. This one button can help tremendously if you want people to repin the images or photos found on your website. It gives them the means they need to share your content with others, and does it in a very user-friendly manner.

The Follow Button
The Follow Button can also be put on your website. This button works by giving people the opportunity to instantly follow you on Pinterest, even though they’re on your site. Placed strategically, this button can really help bolster your number of followers.

Board / Profile Widget
The way these widgets work is pretty simple. All you have to do is place the board or profile widget code that Pinterest provides you somewhere on your site. The widget will then display a few pins from the specified board on your website, offering your customers a preview of what you have to offer on Pinterest. A profile widget works much the same way, except offers a preview of your boards. The reason these widgets are effective is because they allows people to get a feel for what you’re sharing on Pinterest without causing them to leave your site.

How to Implement Them
After you’ve chosen which button or widget you want to include, you simply copy the code they provide to you and add it to the pages of your site where you’d like it displayed. It’s as easy as copy-paste, but if you’re wary about dealing with code, you can always reach out to their help staff for support.

So while they’re all effective at driving traffic to and from your site to your Pinterest boards, try to pick which one (or two) work best for your site. Do you have a lot of product on your site? Maybe the Pin It button would work best, allowing your customers to share your product on Pinterest. Or perhaps you offer certain services, and using a Board preview widget will give your customers an idea of how you work and what you can do for them.