The Power of Pinning Things Relevant to Your Business

As a business, you can easily gain customers and more traffic to your site by properly utilizing Pinterest. With that said, you want to pin content that’s going to attract people to click on the image, visit your website, and interact with what you have to offer; in other words, you need to pin content that’s relevant to your business. This ensures that you get the attention of your followers and can lead to them becoming potential customers.

Why it’s Crucial to Pin Relevant Content

Pin Images of your Products or Services
The best photos to pin are those that are already on your website, and showcase what your business has to offer. These pins are inherently relevant to your brand or business, so don’t be afraid to link that image to your website in order to drive traffic. They’re clearly the most relevant content that you’ll be pinning, and provided that you own the images and have the copyright, you’ll also never have to worry about running into ownership issues.

Pin Related Content
Once you have some pins/boards built around your business, the key to expanding your profile is to continue to post interesting and relevant images that are similar to your brand or business. Don’t be afraid to post a lot of images that are even just slightly related, but be more selective about linking back to your business with them.
Pin Related Content
Inform and Entertain
If an image doesn’t help inform or entertain your followers/customers, then it may not be a worthwhile image to pin. A pin should either help inform with engaging information, or should entertain your followers to help them associate these qualities with your business. If you aren’t teaching or entertaining, then you’re pins are lacking. As long as it is on target while providing good information or a good laugh, then it’s a worthwhile pin.

Why are Relevant Pins/Boards Important?

They’re important because put simply, you don’t want to be pinning random content. Instead, you need to be consistent with your pins and post images that attract attention and deliver a consistent message. In doing so, you’ll gain more followers and maintain those followers if you continuously pin content that keeps them engaged, and coming back for more.  If you want to pin things that are unrelated to your business, just be sure to pin them to a private or different board. To be sure, Pinterest is a powerful site that’s definitely worth using, but be careful with what images you choose to pin to ensure that they’re relevant to your business.