Back on the Bus! 5 Pinterest Boards to Help You Get Ready to Go Back to School

Getting your family organized as you prepare for a new school year can feel like a daunting task. Each kid has a mile long list of required school supplies you’ll need to purchase, and new shoes and back to school clothing is probably in order, too! This is challenging enough when you have one child, but if you’re trying to stay on top of the needs of multiple kids, things get even trickier. On top of that, you might be looking for fast and nutritious breakfast recipes your kids will actually eat, along with ideas to replace the boring old PBJ and baby carrots in the lunchbox. If you’re a teacher (bless you) your back to school preparations are even more in-depth. Luckily, inspiration is close at hand.

5 Pinterest Boards to Help You Get Ready to Go Back to School

Apple Tupperware1. Back to School by Apartment Therapy Family – Just because you’re five doesn’t mean you can’t be hip. This is quite possibly the coolest collection of backpacks and lunchboxes you’ve ever seen in one place. You’ll also find eco-friendly reusable sandwich and snack baggies and snack pouches that are both adorable and socially responsible. You’ll feel good about ditching the disposables, and your kids will love the way they look.

2. Back to School by NEA Today – This one’s for the teachers. Tons of fantastic resources for educators to help you get back into the swing of classroom management and making learning fun for you and your students.

3. Back to School Tips by Janice Correa – Tips, tricks, routines, and savings, all neatly compiled on one amazing board. If you’re serious about getting your family organized this school year, you’ll find links to lots of helpful resources designed with real families in mind.

4. Back to School Recipes by Taste of Home – This compilation of super-fast on the run meals for hectic school days, means that your kids can enjoy real food they’ll actually want to eat while getting some nutrients to boot.

5.Creative Lunchbox Ideas for Kids by Social Denise – You probably never got anything like this in your lunchbox when you were a kid! If you find yourself feeling slightly jealous as you pack their lunch boxes, take a few extra minutes to turn your own lunch into cool art before you head out the door to work. Your co-workers might look at you a little bit funny, but that’s only because they’re jealous that they down have a sandwich that looks like a smiling flower.

The school bus will be pulling onto your street before you know it. With a little bit of help from your favorite Pinterest boards, you can send your kids out the door knowing that their back to school needs are covered. Now you’ll finally have time to go back to pinning your dream wardrobe and all of the crafts you didn’t have time for over the summer. You might even find the time to tackle some of the DIY projects you’ve pinned to your home improvements board. Rejoice!