Is Anybody Out There? 8 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Whether you are using Pinterest as a hobbyist or for business purposes, you probably want to increase the number of followers you have. No matter how many people are following you, the ability to consistently attract and keep new followers is an ongoing pursuit. If your numbers aren’t steadily rising, there are a number of ways you can increase your chances of boosting the number of people who follow you.

  1. Join group boards – After you join, regularly post high quality, relevant content. This is a great way to attract people in similar markets or with similar interests.
  2. Be a follower – When you stumble upon great pins, don’t just repin the item. Go to the person’s boards and subscribe to the ones that interest you. Many people will follow you back.
  3. Be engaging – Following people is a good step, but it’s not enough. When you repin, be sure to like the pins, too. Leave comments, but only when you are offering a sincere compliment, have a real question, or are offering up a link to something interesting you’ve pinned that relates to what you are commenting on. People appreciate genuine interaction, and if they like what you’re saying, they’ll be a lot more likely to follow you.
  4. Give your boards unforgettable names – Believe it or not, this is an art form. By naming all of your boards in a similar and easily identifiable way, you are branding yourself. Try to avoid overused or bland board names while still incorporating the necessary keywords to clearly identify their contents. Fun and catchy names appeal to the eye and pique curiosity. People will be enticed, because if the names are great, it seems more likely that the contents will be, too.
  5. Be a trendsetter – Repinning great content is a wonderful way to attract followers, but don’t limit yourself. Stay ahead of the game by pinning great products and information you find on other websites. When you are consistently pinning great stuff that hasn’t already been pinned by tons of other people, your use as a resource skyrockets.
  6. Link back – All of your blogs, websites, and social media accounts should lead to all of the others. With Pinterest, this means making sure that you add a ‘Follow Me On Pinterest!” button to all of these places.
  7. 7. Make yourself visible in searches – Make sure that your board names include keywords that are heavily searched, and give all of your pins descriptions that include keywords that will make them more likely to show up.
  8. 8. Post killer content – If you’re linking to your blog or business page, make sure that you’re writing the sort of content that people will want to read and share. This is a critical component to going viral.

Remember too, more followers will lead to more followers. People are much more enticed to subscribe to boards that already have a cult following. Whatever efforts you make to increase your number of followers will be rewarded many times over by the followers you did nothing to attract. As your Pinterest visibility increases, you will find that your numbers will climb steadily and with more regularity. So get to work and grow your following!