Pin Your Way to the Altar: 8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are a whole lot of details to keep track of during the planning process. Most brides spend months living with the fear of forgetting something critical for their big day. Using Pinterest as a wedding planning tool can remove a lot of the stress and anxiety and bring an element of fun to the process.

8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

1. Coordinate with your wedding planner – If you’re working with a professional wedding planner, that doesn’t mean you need Pinterest any less. This can work in one of two ways. Many brides to be will share their boards with their wedding planner so they can get a good feel for their preferences. Many wedding planners put together boards for their clients. This allows for a lot more input from both parties without the need for an increase in face to face meetings. This can streamline the process and lead to fewer misunderstandings and disappointments. A picture is worth a thousand words, and sharing a picture is much easier than trying to explain your unique and interesting design concept for centerpieces.

2. Planning tools – You will find every sort of planning worksheet and punch list known to man on Pinterest, and many of them are free to download and print. Printing off these handy resources will help you stay organized when you’re not on Pinterest.

3. Blogs and websites – There are lots of links to helpful blogs and websites maintained by professionals and brides who’ve gone before you.

4. Choosing a theme – Whether you want something classic or trendy, there are tons of wedding themes to choose from.

5. Dresses and accessories – Before you ever set foot in a bridal store you can have a fantastic idea of which styles are hot, and which ones appeal to you.

Pinteresting - Plan Your Wedding with Pinterest6. The perfect cake – While choosing your theme, find a few examples of cakes that go along with it. Showing images of exactly what you want to your bakery will help ensure that they have a clear understanding of what it is you expect.

7. Menu options – Planning the perfect menu for your reception is easy on Pinterest. You’ll find everything from elegant sit-down dinner ideas to fun and fanciful finger foods for your littlest reception guests.

8. Bridal party gifts – It’s important to show your appreciation to your bridal party. Because Pinterest basically consolidates the same amount of merchandise that would be found in a few dozen mega malls, you can find just what
you’re look for without ever leaving your living room.

With your neatly categorized wedding boards, you will have a place for everything and everything in its place. This will help you streamline the wedding planning process and help ensure that nothing major is overlooked. If you have other people helping you plan your wedding, directing them to your boards provides an easy way for everyone to stay on the same page and have access to the same information. It’s all right there with a click of the mouse.

photo credit: Shelley Panzarella via photopin cc