See and Be Seen: 5 Hot Tips for Using Pinterest to Promote Brands

When it comes to brand promotion, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms in which to introduce your brand to a large audience. There is an art form to smart brand promotion, though. If you simply make a board that is filled with your products that no one has heard of yet, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to gain a ton of customers from it. It’s boring, it’s self-centered, and it does nothing to engage you with your potential customers. Want to do it right? Let’s get started.

5 Hot Tips for Using Pinterest to Promote Brands

2707724a7d26a6f453e45a0c02aa24e31. Use the Pin It Button – You should have this button on every single blog post you ever write, as well as every product you sell. It makes it easy for people who like your content or products to share it with others.

2. Create Interesting Boards that Tie Into Your Products – If you sell a line of nail polish, you should have boards with manicure tips, YouTube tutorials, and nail care products like your favorite clippers and files.

3. Promote other Brands -Cross-promoting is critical. If you sell nail polish and that is all you sell, it won’t hurt your business and will probably help it if you make boards for other beauty products and cosmetics. Give a shout out to someone who makes great facial cleanser or all natural shampoo, and it’s likely that you’ll start getting them in return.

4. Let Your Customers Get to Know You – If you’re selling nail polish, it would be a terrible mistake to think that all of your boards have to center around cosmetics. Let your potential customers get a feel for who you are with boards containing clothing, home decor, and craft ideas you love.

5. Get to Know Your Customers – You can’t expect people to fall in love with you and your brand without outreach. Start interacting. Pin other people’s content. Follow their boards. Like their pins. Leave comments that contain either a sincere compliment, a hot tip or related piece of information you think they’ll love, or a genuine question. You’ll notice that sincere and genuine were the keywords here. You can market without being fake. In fact, these techniques rarely work if they’re phony, because people can smell it a mile away. In that case, you’ll probably receive the same warm welcoming as people who spam travel boards with links to cheap handbags. If you can’t get genuinely interested in your customers and enjoy this sort of interaction, perhaps you’re in the wrong market. On the other hand, when you are genuinely interested in interacting with your customers they’ll love it!

It’s a game of give and take. If you’re going to use Pinterest to promote your brand (and you should), make sure that you are also promoting other brands. Make yourself a known presence with a personality, and provide something of value besides your products. This will go a long way towards building trust and rapport with potential customers as a business owner they would love to support.